The IoT Competition

What is the competition all about?

This competition is a search for innovative pioneers to create new convergences of sensors and technologies to produce mutually profitable applications.

To participate in this competition you must be in one of the following groups:

We will be selecting winners from ALL of these separate groups.

Each distinct industry sector will have a winner. Each industry sector winner will receive a free working prototype developed from our stock of sensors and boards. We will 3D print enclosures and even re-write application software to break that often challenging glass ceiling of prototype development.

This is your chance to join the dots in a unique competition using your industry expertise, know how and innovation.

We have extended this competition to a second round following a number of viable prototype projects. The closing date for the second round will be the end of September 2021

In a future phase, sector winners will be invited to participate in a design and innovation pool that will transcend industry sectors and globally share knowledge. We are emphatically not fishing for ideas, we want to help you create solutions using your know how.

To get started click on the Background button and understand our range of sensors.

Then all you have to do is Enter Your Email to download and complete the competition form and email it to us. If appropriate, call us to schedule a one on one elaboration of your creative idea and protect your IP in collaboration with us. We have a legal collaboration agreement that will protect your IP. 

As early pioneers of IoT in the rail and transport market, Flitetrak’s skills are Tracking, Measuring & Reporting. We make innovative sensing devices that are compact and often rugged measures of environments, objects and other performance states.

We write software and create app’s that enable the collection of Big Data to improve and monitor performance and events.

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IOT Competition Application Form


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